About Us


The Marthasville Volunteer Fire Department was started in 1928 to provide the citizens of Marthasville and the surrounding area with a volunteer fire department with a professional attitude. Since then the department has grown with the population and size of the area that it provides protection for. The department now has three stations and 11 fire trucks of various types. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the dedication of the volunteers that make the department possible.

The department provides protection to 168 square miles responding to a wide variety of emergencies. Along with responding to fires, the department also is responsible for responding to vehicle accidents, hazardous materials spills, rescues, and serious medical emergencies. Because of the wide variety of emergencies that the fire department is called upon for, firefighters must work hard to gain the knowledge on how to be able to effectively and efficiently handle the emergency. This increasingly wide scope of emergencies that the department is called upon to handle makes training an essential part for the members of the department. Twice a month the department holds trainings that are open to the public to come and view. These trainings are designed to sharpen the skills of the departments firefighters so that they can do their job safer and more efficiently. Occasionally, the department also holds larger, more in depth trainings on weekends such as live burns or ice rescue.

The department conducts weekly meetings each Wednesday night. The first and third meetings of each month are devoted to department training. The second meeting of the month is the department’s business meeting where the day-to-day issues concerning the department are discussed. The last meeting of the month is set aside for station and truck clean up. Each year the members of the department elect officers at the January business meeting. These officers hold their position for a year and must be re-elected next January.

If you are looking for a productive way to give back to the local community, then perhaps you should consider joining the Marthasville Volunteer Fire Department. We are always looking for exceptional citizens who posses the characteristics to make a good public servant. To be a firefighter an individual must be willing to devote the time necessary and be able to handle the variety of difficult tasks that naturally come with the job. You won’t receive a paycheck at the end of the week for your hard work but you will walk away knowing that you did something good and made a positive impact on someone’s life. There is no satisfaction like knowing someone is sincerely thankful for all that you have done while helping them. Training starts the first day you join and will never end until you retire. If you think that you have what it takes to become a fire fighter then feel free to stop by and pick up an application from any of the three fire stations. Applicants must be at least be 16 years of age and will be placed on a minimum of 6 months probation once their application is approved at a business meeting and cannot become a full member if they are not yet 18 years of age.