Marthasville Fire Department Officers


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chief-jeff backhaus

Chief, Jeff Backhaus

As Chief, I am responsible for the overall direction of the department. I take care of some of the day to day business issues of the department and am the Incident Commander at emergency scenes. During my time as chief I have witnessed much growth and improvement in the department. The amount and level of training that our members are receiving has greatly increased and so has the quality of the fire apparatus. With the purchase two new Pierce pumpers in 2008 we now have the most modern and reliable fleet in the county. I look forward to future years of dedicated service to the residents in our community.


             1st. Asst. Chief, Sean Johnson


As assistant chief, my responsibilities include fire prevention, taking care of equipment and supplies, and incident command at emergency scenes. For fire prevention, I coordinate the Fire Prevention Week held every October. During this time the department inspects the schools and day care centers in our district checking for fire hazards, properly working fire alarms, and that every student and teacher knows what to do in case of a fire. In addition to these inspections, we also hold a
demonstration and safety seminar for the 5th graders at Station 3 in Dutzow. Here the students learn how safely and properly use a fire extinguisher, watch firefighters use rescue tools to cut up a car, chase a fire hose, and get a tour of the fire trucks and ambulance.




Serving Since

Jeff Backhaus 1983
Justin Backhaus 2006
Weston Brewe 2004
Jim Buescher 1972
David Behle 2012
Andrew Dickinson 2011
Ken Eddons 2006
Jamie Faust 2003
Mike Fleer 2011
Willie Irwin 2009
Bob Gildehaus 1996
Chatty Hellebusch 1976
Nick Hellebusch 2011
Brian Kopp 2004
Donnie Koppmann 1996
Sean Johnson 2013
Eric Korte
Mike Korte 2012
Patrick Koch 2012
Marvin Leesmann 1992
Jack Lovelace 1976
Tim Maune 2009
Mike Niemeyer 2005
Mike Peoples 2013
Scott Powell 2006
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Marvin Schwoeppe 1996
Steve Schwoeppe 1996
Jim Struckhoff 1982
Jon Struckhoff 2005
Caiden Thies 2012