Open Burning

Open Burning Protocol

1. The first thing we ask you to do is look at our home page for the burn-ban signals.

If you see a green check mark with the word “allowed”, a symbol that looks like this


then you know the burn ban is OFF and you should follow the procedures below.

If you see a red “X” with the word NO, a symbol that looks like this


then you know the burn ban is ON and you should not start an open fire.

2. Contact the Warren County Dispatch and Alarm Center at 1-800-237-9020 whenever you are doing any type of controlled burns on you property. This step ensures that if a passerby calls on their cell phone, or a neighbor sees smoke, and they call 911, the operator will know that there is a controlled burn going on in the reported area, and won’t dispatch the fire department to respond with lights and sirens when there is no true emergency.

Also the Warren County Dispatch operators will be able to advise you property owners if it is safe to burn that day due to humidity and wind conditions.

3. Never burn on windy days. Have a hose or other water source available to fully extinguish all embers. Don’t use gas or other flammable liquids to start the fire DON’T WAIT TO CALL 911 IF THE FIRE GETS OUT OF CONTROL!