Station 1



Station 1:

Station 1 is our main station and is centrally located in our district. It is located across the street from where the original firehouse of Marthasville Fire Department which still stands today. It is located at 405 East Main Street across from Marthasville City Hall. In this station there is a workout facility, cascade room (breathing appartus compressor), and we have the capabilities of Emergency Dispatch Operations from this station. This station also has a back up  generator for when we are out of power. This station houses six pieces of equipment which are listed below.

Engine 2113

2113 is a 2008 Pierce Contender. This is the first out pumper from station 1. This truck has six seats in it and 5 of those seats are equipped with SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus). This truck has a water tank of 750 gallons and pump capable of flowing 1250 gallons per minute. It is also able to draft from a dry hydrant located in a lake or straight from the lake or from a drop tank which our tankers are equipped with. It also carries a combination extrication tool which helps with extensive vehicle extrications or helps get a start on extrication until rescue arrives.


2145 is a 2013 Pierce Dash Cf. This truck is the first of its kind. It is the first Dash CF Chasis mounted on a rescue body. It is equipped with a PTO driven generator and a light tower to ensure effecient lighting on the scene. This truck also carries the main power unit and spreader and cutters also known as the Jaws of Life, along with cribbing, a stablization kit and air bags, which all help secure the vehicle while extrication is being performed. This truck offers a new feature for us and the extrication tools are on the front bumper and preconnected to save time of having to hook up the hoses to perform extrication. The truck also has a cascade system onboard which is capable of refilling our SCBA bottles while on the scene. There is much more loose equipment on this truck including, ice rescue suits, ropes, repelling gear, and much more.

Tanker 2116

2116 is a 2004 Kenworth chasis with a 2,500 gallon polly tank. This truck carries water from a water source to the fire scene when there are no hydrants in the area. This truck also carries a portable tank on the side which can hold 3,000 gallons of water. This tank can be deployed next to the pumper and filled with water from any tanker to supply water for fire attack.



Brush Truck 2118

2118 is a 2012 Ford F-350 flatbed, with a skid unit which carries 160 gallons of water. This truck is also equipped with a winch and medical supplies including an AED. Primary uses of this truck are brush fires, towing the Kubota (2148 pictured below) and EMS calls.



Brush Unit 2148


2148 is a recent addition to the fleet. With this RTV we can get deeper into the woods faster, with more water, and more personnel. Also this apparatus is useful for search and rescue operations and has the ability to transport one patient and has a back board on board. Some features on 2148 include: rakes, flash lights, shovels, chainsaw, and winch. 2148 holds 50 gallons of water and seats four personnel.



Engine 2153

Engine 2153 is a 1990 Peirce Dash. This truck is cappiable of seating four personnel. It is equipped with a 1250 gallon per minnute pump and has 750 gallons of water onboard. This is our reserve pumper.